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Short stories and novels by Joanne Orion Miller currently available or coming soon to most e-readers:
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How You See it
A Manhattan Short Story
(3500 words)
"My mother’s favorite story was about me and a dog--it happened when I was four years old. They had all heard it at the nursing home. I remember the story very well. It was the last time I saw her."
We all see things our own way--and our perspective has the power to change our lives. Read this story for free here or order it for your e-reader from Smashwords.

Adventures of a Madam in
San Francisco's Victorian Underworld
Novel (110,000 words)
In the quest for survival, a naive servant girl becomes a wealthy and notorious madam; a gentle Chinese scholar is fated to kill for the gangs of Chinatown. Based on real characters and events, this novel brings the era--and those who lived it--alive. Kidnapping, murder, family intrigues, true love and, of course, an earthquake--that's Shaketown. Read the first chapters of Shaketown here. Order a paperback or ebook copy from Amazon, or ebooks from Barnes & Noble Nook, Smashwords.com, or any popular e-reader site ($5.99 USD for ebooks), or download a PDF version ($5.99 USD) using PayPal:

Writer's Boot Camp
How to Write Non-fiction and Get Paid for It

Non-fiction book (16,000 words)
This is the book I use in my college-level courses to teach emerging and experienced writers how to break into the world of print in hard-copy publications. Read more by clicking here or order an instant PDF download for $5.99 USD using PayPal: